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IV Infusion Therapy

Immerse yourself in the world of IV therapy at The Garden Medical Spa. Our premier IV Therapy Program, available at all 4 locations, offers a range of benefits for your wellness journey.

Our program has years of proven success and continues to evolve and develop effective enhanced protocols. Our IV Therapy is a powerful tool that delivers essential nutrients into your bloodstream which gives your body the support it needs to thrive.

We customize our IV Infusions to address your specific health goals. Our most common infusions help address energy and immune support, focus and brain fog, overall hydration, and detoxification.

Experience the difference of IV therapy at The Garden Medical Spa and unlock your body’s full potential. Our team is here for you to develop a personalized plan that will get you to your optimal wellness.


Treatment Options

Drip & Glow

Experience our signature Hydrafacial with a customized IV Treatment.

Hangover Cure

No one likes hangovers, we have your hangover cure here with our customized IV formulation.

Depression / Anxiety /ADHD

Meet with our provider and nursing team and develop a holistic gameplan to manage the stress and brain fog that goes along with everyday life.

Pre-Party IV

Get hydrated before you get dehydrated.

Insomnia / Fatigue / Migraine

Enjoy our custom IV formulation that gives you the natural energy you deserve.

Hormone Happiness in a Bag

The one to pick to regulate those pesky hormones. Helps with estrogen balance and inflammation. This amazing concoction will help with energy, mood and bloat.

Immunity in a Bag

This bag is the one to get, especially during the fall & winter months. Help prevent infection and get better faster.

Weight Loss in a Bag

A perfect IV for those who want to increase fat burning, help with appetite regulation and Healthy metabolism.

Happiness in a Bag

Our proprietary IV blend that brings you calming energy, mental clarity, and helps with mood regulation

Longevity in a Bag

The ultimate bag to get the vibrancy back to your everyday. This bag will help in athletic recovery, stress reduction, cell regeneration & healing and anything life throws at you.

The Ultimate NAD+

3 NAD+ proprietary vitamins IV’s given within 1-2 weeks. Mood Boosting, Energy giving, and health saving. Get back the NAD your cells are desperately asking for.

FAQs Regarding IV Infusion Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a medical technique that delivers fluids, vitamins, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream through a vein.

How can I benefit from IV Vitamin Therapy?

Our customized IV drips can help to improve overall wellness. Specifically targeting symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog, improving acne and other hormone imbalances, aid in weight loss, and boost immunity.

How quickly can I expect to feel the benefit of IV vitamin therapy?

Often patients report feeling effects like increased energy or improved mood shortly following the treatment. Factors such as baseline individual health and the purpose of the therapy can influence how quickly patients feel the effects.