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The Garden Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program at The Garden Medical Spa provides a unique approach to weight loss and also overall well being and maintaining the weight that has been lost.

What sets us apart from the nonsense of the weight loss industry is this: We have developed an all encompassing program that addresses initial weight loss, barriers to weight loss, and maintenance of overall well being.

Let’s rethink the approach. We are interested in fixing disordered eating, the effects of that, the stigma attached, and the maintenance of your continued progress.

We combine a multidisciplinary approach of traditional medicine and functional medicine. This approach is led by our seasoned Board-Certified NP Leah and team of Board-Certified RNs.

To ensure maintenance of our client’s goals, we’ve incorporated a complete meal plan curated by Executive 5-Star Chef, Eddie, with over two decades of experience.



FAQs Regarding Weight Loss Program

What is included in the weight loss program?

We offer different packages, both include: customized plan tailored to you, once a week subcutaneous injections performed in our office, weekly assessment with our nurses, and the option to add-on IV drips.

What medications do you offer?

We offer Semaglutide and Tirzepatide

How do I know which medication is best for me?

To begin this program, an in office consultation is required. Our team goes over health history, diet/exercise, and your weight loss goals. After the assessment, our practitioners provide a recommendation and their knowledge of each medication to help guide you to a decision.